Thursday, August 16, 2007

South Miami

Driving in to work this morning I started thinking about South Miami. Not the South Miami of today, but the one with the Holsum Bakery with it's Christmas display each year...the one with Robert's Western Wear and Connie Banko's Custom Bathing Suits. The first pair of Converse sneakers I bought came from Zip's on Sunset. They were so cool! Each panel of canvas was a different color. My friend, Eva, got the same pair. I wonder what ever happened to those hightops.....

Anyone remember when they first "redid" South Miami and put up "The Bakery Center"? What a bomb that was. I think I may have gone to it one time. Hated it. Not wild about Sunset Place now, but I can handle it. Seems like everything there is way overpriced. But I do love the movie theater!