Monday, June 21, 2010

Skating and Bowling

Anyone remember the skating centers we had here in the 80's...Kendall Skating Center, Kendale Lakes Skating Center...I know there were more. but those were the ones I went to.  If I remember correctly, Kendall SC was over there by the Falls (or where the Fall is now).  Alot of fun times were spent there.  I know there is at least one skating center out in the Sabal Chase area, but the thought of ever going there makes me ill.  Same for the ice skating center - in the Hammocks.  Ugh, ugh, ugh.  Speaking of the Falls, I miss the way that place used to be.  The original design of all the waterfalls, ponds and flowing "rivers" was so nice.'s "meh".  Overpriced stores, but at least it's still outdoors.  I'd rather go there than Dadeland, Cutler Ridge (Yes, dammit. I said Cutler RIDGE!), or points north.

And what about all the bowling alleys we had!  ALL of them are gone now except for Bird Bowl, and my passport is expired so I can't go there.  Even Paula Carter's in Homestead has been gone for a while now.  Imagine Homestead with no bowling alley.  Bizarre.  But there is a bowling alley, kind of, in South Sunset Place.  I've checked it out and it is very cool, but not the typical laid back place that I miss.  And only a handful of lanes, if I remember correctly.  Seems to be more a place to drink and socialize for the younger crowd.

My old bowling alleys were for drinking and socializing, too, but for everyone- young and old.  And leagues.  Whatever happened to leagues?

*sigh*  I miss those old alleys....