Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Grove Cinema

In the mid-eighties, my friends I spent spent just about every Saturday night(and sometimes Fridays, too)in Coconut Grove at the Grove Cinema. We went to see "The Rocky Horror Picture Show". OMG, the times we had there! I remember the ticket seller was a South Miami PD dispatcher during the day. I always thought that was funny since those nights in the Grove were usually not too law-abiding!

I can't believe they tore down that old theater. It was classic. They woudl show the odder movies there, like "Das Boot" that none of the other theater wanted to show. How many theaters would actually let you squirt water guns, throw toast and toilet paper and act out the movie right up there in front of the screen? Only the Grove Cinema!

Since it'e demise, I have yet to find another place in Dade County that shows that movie. Sad because we really did have some fun times there. At Halloween, we'd dress up as our favorite character from the movie. I was Magenta, my friend Eva was Columbia and Amy was Janet. I went all out on my costume, buying the right shoes, an actual maid's costume (Thanks Mom for altering it for me!) and even a wig that I dyed red and frizzed out. It was great...

Does anybody else remember that?