Friday, May 11, 2007

I'm not the only one who remembers...

My friend Dave sent me an email:
"I remember the Red Road & Sunset 5 & 10 buying model airplane kits,
model monster kits. Sunset drug store that had a soda fountain and
grill. We also used to go fishing in Snapper Creek by the dam near the
old Parrot Jungle and buy candy & sodas @ the little Parrot Jungle gift
shop on Red Road.

This might be before your time but there was a Jeffersons Dept store
where K-mart is now on 104th & US 1 near the old Black Angus. I can
remember the old AM rock radio stations WQAM 560( Rick Shaw) and WFUN
940 and even calling the Fun Phone with Don Wright.

Channel 7 had a TV program called The Dungeon that starred Charlie
Baxter as M.T. Graves (Unibrow bucktooth fiend inmate with a hook) who
would host a B&W horror film each week. We kids loved the comical
situations he got himself into and the Warden would always howl like a
wolf to signal a commercial.

There were 4 Royal Castles, we would go to while growing up. One on
Ave & Bird, One on Coral Way and 70 ave near the old Central Stadium,
one on US 1 and 27th ave, and one that was less than block from my
grandparents on SW 13th Street and South Miami Avenue. After eating a
couple of those little hamburgers with onions and drinking ice cold
of birch beer, walking to Simpson Park with my Dad and playing hide &
seek! Those were great times.

Going to Lums and eating an Ollie
burger! There used to be a bowling alley in South Miami, and one near
132nd & US 1. and of course Western Sunset Bowl. Great Fun! I remember
the Drive ins- going in my older brother's '62 corvair on friday or
saturday nights and watching Elvis movies because his girlfriend loved
Elvis. Remember the old movie theaters that had only one screen and
actually had curtains that would close and open for each movie. Riviera
Theater, Miracle, Caribe, Sunset.
Do you remember the old Grove Cinema that would play off-beat &
movies and of course Rocky Horror Picture Show! Drinking red zinger
nd eating butter popcorn!"


Laura VSea said...

Dave mentioned Snapper Creek...I remember that also, and I grew up playing tennis at Dante Fascell park. I think my brothers used to catch fish and stuff at the creek and bring it home for our small pond.

The pic of Lums, there was one on US1 and Kendall that we used to go to.. is it still there?

Laura said...

By the way, I emailed my brother and some friends who are Miami natives, to tip them off about your site. I really think they'll enjoy this run down memory lane. It was a great place to grow up!

Chris said...

Hey Laura,

The Lums at US1 and Kendall is long gone :(

My first memories of Dante Fascell park are of that giant staue of a naked lady. I must've been in Nursery school (hehe, remember when it was called that and not "Pre-K"?) I like taking my littlest one there now and then. They have a nice playground with lots of shade.

Becster said...

A picture of Royal Castle ... thanks! My dad was 3rd VP for the company when he retired. I grew up on those burgers and birch beers. :)

Anonymous said...

Great site. I left S FL in 1980 for Tallahassee- no riots here!

Most of comments here for S. Miami. I lived in N. Miami in the 50s-60s, then Hollywood in the 70s. The photo of Royal Castle was a newer design. The real old style was the white, tile-like exterior. Going further back, one of the original was on Flager downtown. It was an open air, walk-up. My God, what I wouldn't give for a couple of burgers and an icy mug of Birch Beer. Sigh.

Only one Lums left in existence. It is in Davie and was the newer design. I remember the old type on NW 7 ave. It was open air. The last Lums has almost everything from the old menu with the exception of the Lumburger. You have a time machine and I am there for a Lumburger!

And Grand Union, anyone remember Food Fair? Someone mentioned Jeffersons. Anyone remember CMA? The first true super discount store (Consumers Market of America)circa 1962 built on 441 in N. Dade.

I could go on and on.

SwampAngel65 said...

I remember Food Fair! There was one on South Miami that I remember going to when I was really little.

Mickey S said...

Jeffersons at 104th and US1. I lved at Continental Park in the early 60's when those houses around it were brand new. I was about 4 when we moved there. My mom and I went to Jeffersons all the time. It was like todays WalMart. The restaurant right there that eventually became Black Angus, used to be called Hot Shoppes.

Mickey S said...

I went to Kenwood Elementary School and eventually to Killian (grad. in '74). Many great memories and really enjoy reading some of these. Royal Castle on Sunset had a special for like a couple of weeks. $.05 birch beer and $.10 burgers. Grand Union - Got my driver license at the motor vehicle office behind Grand Union in Sunniland. Played little league baseball at Sunniland. Played in junior golf tournaments at Colonial Palms golf course (worlds largest lighted golf course!) Joined Crooked Creek when it first opened.

Bobette Jaffee said...

Does anyone remember where the Youth Fair started? At K-land where Tony Roma's on Kendall at 97th avenue. How about Sam and Carl's Deli in S. Miami,best Deli around. I remember before the Palmetto expressway and Dadeland.Does anyone remember the horse stables @ 92 ave. and Kendall? This a great blog.

Anonymous said...

Remember The Flame and Sunniland Pizza at Sunniland Mall. How about nickel day at Royal Castle? Colonial Palms Golf Course (The Worlds largest lighted Course).I grew up in a house behind Howard Drive Elementary. How about when they would have the Kids Day at the Movie Theaters with those goofy bike races and you'd have a number...if your racer won you'd get a free coke or something. Good Times!

Rudine said...

This is an awesome website. I grew up in Miami, Fl I was born sept 5th, 1958 on Miami Bch at Mt.Sinai Hospital. I remember eating lunch down by the bay at Academy of Assumption on Brickell Ave and 15th, the school is no longer there. I remember the Youth Fair, Grand Union, Mccory's Downtown, the bus terminal in Coral Gables, Lums restaurant. Attending Jackson Five concerts at the Miami Bch convention center. The Miami Stadium, The Orange Bowl when Flipper would jump up and down when there was a touch down. The original Miami Dolphins, Don Shula. Richard's department store, Jefferson's, Zayre's. Shell City store that had everything from grocery to clothes to sporting goods on NW 7th Ave and 58th Street. I remember Wolfie's restaurant the best corned beef sandwiches in the world and the kosher pickels were good too on Miami Bch. Riding the cart on Linclon Road Mall,now South Beach. Virginia Key beach with the train and juke box and concession stand. The train ride at Crandon Park Zoo, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow at Crandon Park Zoo, the Seaquarium with the shark the went in cirlces. The long lines of traffic when boats were passing under the bridge going to the beach. Going to catch land crabs on Old Cutler Road on rainy days. Royal Castle on NW 7th Ave and 62nd street. Northside shopping center, my parents loved Sears.

Rudine said...

I also remember Saturday Hop with Rich Shaw, I could not wait to turn 14 to dance on that show, I never got to go it went off the air. Bozo the clown. Skipper Chuck with Annie and Scrubby. Listening to WQAM and hearing songs like precious and few, Maggie May by Rod Stewart, the Bee Gees and they used to record at a studio on NW 2nd ave. I remember listening to WMBM 1490 . Watching channel 7 news with my parents. I remember Wayne Ferris on channel 7 news. The hobby shop on NW 36th Street, Chesapeake Restaurant on 36th street near the Airport. Polar palace ice skating on 36th street.. Woolworth 5 and dime store downtown. Black and White water fountains at Food fair grocery store. I don't remember seeing a lot of racism because we had caucasians as friends and family. But I do remember Virginia Key Beach was for Blacks in the 1960's.

Carol said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Carol said...

I was looking up old arial maps of Miami to give my daughter a better idea of the old Miami and exactly where our dairy was and I happened upon your site. I loved the video and I'd like to offer you some pics of the dairy as well as the pony ring to include on your site.

MIA pretty much forced our move to Highlands County but it's always great to find people that still remember our father's dairy, ice cream and the pony rides.

Carol Sue (Dressel)

Anonymous said...

I remember watching the Rick Shaw show and the announcer said "the Rick Show shaw" by mistake.

Loved Lums on US 1 and mom always shopped at Jeffersons and there was a Winn Dixie next to it. I remember Food fair too, and there was one in Dadeland Mall. ANd a Kmart and a Woolworths.

I remember when Jonathan Pike shot Kent Bobo in Dante Fascell park. Big scandal, but as Jon told me when we went to palmetto together, all the witnesses were too stoned to remember it all. So he got some kind of probation and had to be in th Civil Air Patrol as punishment.

My dad sold a sewing machine to Bill Haast and freaked out when he delivered it and there were snakes all over the living room. I went to Palmetto with his daughter Shantih. The coolest girl I ever met.
I went to the youth fair every year, played goony golf at that place on US1 with the big orange dinosaur...I would kill for a Royal Castle burger (or 4) with that icey mug of birch beer. There used to be one right near my grandmothers trailer park on US1...near where the shopping center was that housed Boogaarts grocery store(was an A&P) and The Avery School of dance where all the little Pinecrest ballerina wannabees (like me) learned to dance.
I remember Black Angus..and The Captains Tavern was in the old 33156 Post Office building that moved over to the Sunniland Shopping center.

I am a 33156 girl. Born and raised...and I miss it. I remember the mailmen delivered mail in 3 wheeled vehicles, before they had jeeps.

SwampAngel65 said...

Carol...YES, if you're still out there I'd love o post some of your old pics!!! Sorry I haven't been on here in a while...I just changed the site over so I cna stay more on top of things now. Hope you read this! Send me an email...the link is in my profile!

Marcia said...

I'm a 33156 girl too. The skating rink was at 132 street and US1 near the bowling alley. You couldn't get to it from US1, there wasn't a crossing at the tracks. There were pony rides on the SW side of SW 128 street and US1, across from Suniland Park.

Palmetto hardware was on SW 124 St and US1. Owned by the Hitchcock family - Sylvia Hitchcock was Miss USA and Miss Universe 1967. She went to Palmetto Sr Hi (my alma mater) That's the same shopping center as the Avery School of Dance and Al's New's stand. There was an A&P there, as well. They had Plaid savings stamps. The Royal Castle was across the street from there on the corner, next to the 7-11. I remember when 7-11 got their first ICEE machine. That was a real treat.

The Serpentarium with the big Cobra, was on SW 128th street and US1. One of Dr. Haas' alligator's would get out occasionally and take walks down the sidewalk.

There was the Parrot Jungle, Monkey Jungle, and Coral Castle.

You could go to "U-Pick" farms out west on Kendall.

Publix had Green Stamps. We got our first color TV with Green Stamps. The Wizard of Oz and Peter Pan only came once a year.

Last time I was in Miami was after Hurricane Andrew, 1992. The Black Angus that was on the corner of SW 104 St and US1 had become a Fuddruckers then. I don't know what it is now.

We would ride our bikes to Matheson Hammock on the "new" bike path that is along Old Cutler Rd. There were horseshoe crabs and hermit crabs along the path. There were barracudas in the pond at the park, no one could swim there, we had to go down to the beach.

Remember when Miami won the Super Bowl the first time - their undefeated season. The TV news took a film from their helicopter of the "Spaghetti Bowl". There were only 6 cars on it. Miami's superstars were - Bob Greise, Mercury Morris, Dick Anderson, Jim Kiick, Larry Csonka, Nick Buoniconti, Manny Fernandez, Paul Warfield, Larry Little, Howard Twilley, Doug Swift, Garo Yepremian, and more. When the game was over and we won, people went outside and were honking horns and shooting fireworks. Someone who obviously was not a football fan, called one of the radio stations and asked if the war was over (Vietnam)

Remember Monty Trainer's Bayshore on Old Cutler north of The Grove. There was a mine out in front by the door. (A mine like the ones you see in the WWII movies that are attached to the ocean floor by a cable that were meant to stop submarines) Kids would climb on it and get their pictures taken. An officer from the military base down the street went to lunch there and noticed it was a live mine. The Coast Guard took it out in the bay and detonated it. That was big news.

Before the Metro Zoo was there it was a blimp base because of the Bay of Pigs. The hanger roads were marked off in 1/4 mile increments. We would sneak in the back gate and drag race.

This is a great website.

SwampAngel65 said...

Marcia, Ace Palmetto Hardware is still there and the last time I knew, Dan Hitchcock was running it. Monty Trainer's is still in the Grove...never heard about that mine! Wow! You can still U-Pick in a few areas off Krome, Monkey Jungle and Coral Castle are still there. The Parrot Jungle moved; however the original land is still there as a park and is beautiful...The Richmond Naval Airstation (blimp base by the zoo) is now the Goldocast Railroad Museuam. There are informational displays that tell the tale of the blimp base and some of the structures still remain.

GREEN STAMPS!!! I loved them when I was little!!!! I got my first pair of roller skates with them! Wish they'd bring them back!

Anonymous said...

I'm a first generation Miamian born in the 70's but enjoy reading the history. I remember Lums and Sambos from the perspective of a child safety seat and when I was big enough, the back seat of my parents' car. I've also had the good fortune to take Dr. Paul's tours as well as find sites like this. Perhaps as a design professional (and amateur author) I enjoy South Florida history so.

Any trivia about the old bunkers would help as I'm trying to write an espionage thriller. I've seen the bunker off Old Cutler and Snapper Creek, as well as the one near Okeechobee and Krome. I'd appreciate any information, if you can send me to sergio98 (at) gmail (dot) com

Jeffrey Alman said...

great page - check us out on FB

J. Bird said...

I have absolutly been loving these old pics and bloggs! I was born at Jackson Memorial in 1958, grew up in coconut grove, moved to Morningside Park area in '71. Graduated from Edison High in '76. Have been living in Tampa since 1981. Tampa today reminds me so much of the way Miami used to be. It breaks my heart when I go back to see what Miami has become today. I guess that's progress. Oh I forgot I wanted to meantion... I remember as a kid in the Grove, every Saturday at 1:pm the air raid siren test at the Coloseum Bowling Alley. And the occasional sonic booms from planes flying out of Homestead AFB.

Arlene Ross said...

When I was 12 or so, I was a big fan of Rick (Shaw) and Roby (Yonge) on WQAM. I used to write fan letters, but never got an answer. One day I called in and Roby told me there were no answers because they had no secretary. I used to work in my dad's insurance business, so I offered. Every Saturday morning Dad would drive me to the McAllister Hotel downtown, where the WQAM studios were, and I would collect the mail and stationery. I'd answer the letters, bring them back the next week for approval and mailing, and pick up more. Since I wasn't officially hired, they "paid" me from the prize closet, and then I'd talk with Roby on the air. Loved it and it stuck, because years later I still had the radio bug, and became an anchor for WINZ/940 NewsRadio. All because I loved the guys on WQAM!

Anonymous said...

Anyone here has been to Lums Restaurant owned by pakistan people at 11045 NW 7th Avenue, Miami, FL during 1976 - 1999...

If yes what was the name of the manager goes by Ali Muhammad or something like that...

Any one know contact details of any one that worked there..

Please email me at if anyone can provide any info..

barry Cramm said...

Just stumbled onto this site... Man O man, the memories. I am 33516 zip also. Went to Howard Drive Elem, then Palmetto Jr, the Palmetto Sr., graduated '71. I remember our dildonic friend Michael Platt who had his issues with the police/FBI in the mid 80's. I also play in golf tournaments at Colonial Palms and Kings Bay CC. Remember the hurricanes & the land crabs afterwards. Ace hardware - Danny Hitchcock... he (as Platt) was also in my class. Played baseball at Howard Drive Elem, Sunniland and Continental park. Had a Miami News paper route which afforded me the $ to eat daily at the BK on SW 132 & US1. Sunday mornings at 5am my brother & I would eat at Royal Castle on SW 124 & US1 after delivering the papers. I think we got 12 burgers for a dollar. Anyways, we sat on the step to the 7-11 nextdoor & ate them. Remember the Quick Chick next to the 7-11? I wrecked my dad's '64 Mustang coming out of the 7-11 parking lot one fine day (1970??). I got demoted to driving an old VW bug after that. Played on the golf team in HS, coach was slammin' Sammy Scheltzer. He would sit in a golf cart along the side of the ninth fairway at Palmetto Golf Course (across from the delicious smells blowing across US1 from Flynn's Dixie Ribs). We would try to hit him with our drives off the ninth tee. Got my drivers license from that same DMV in Sunniland that was mentioned in an earlier post. Met Bill Haast's daughter a few times - thought her name was Nia, at least that's what we called her. I remember once laying on the floor in her houser and saw a horse's head sticking its head through the window - no screen on the window. But due to some natural herb I had ingested, I thought it was a picture... until it started moving. So many things, like the A&P and Al's news stand,and my Dr. was Dr. Kellog in the same plaza - his kids also went to Palmetto. I think I even remember him smoking - in the Dr's office (imagine that today). Jumping off the bridge on Old Cutler at SW 158 st. Riding bikes to fish at the end of Snapper Creek. Racing the cars at the blimp base with one hanging onto the roof & one on the trunk, us inside the car holding their arms (how dumb - amazing we're still alive). I also remember asking my mother, after seeing them in some dept store, what the difference between white and black water. She never would tell me, so one time I told her I was going to the bathroom and then sampled the 2 waters... Guess what? They tasted exactly the same!! I told her this but still no explanation. I had a black friend in Jr. High - Barbara Ferguson. She was such a sweet girl. I believe her dad was a minister. Anyways, years later mmy mother told me she was surprised I never came home with a black girlfriend... too funny. Fishing on Rickenbacker causeway on the catwalk all night. Going shrimping on a shrimp boat all night out in the bay, coming in at 6am stinking like diesel fuel & fish. Finding places that would sell us beer & wine at 15. Going to concerts at Miami Fronton, Pirates World, Hollywood Speedway, U of M free concerts. The Ale House, of course Lums, Little Ceasars, Steak & Brew, Sweden House, Shorties, Bowl O Mat, CMA which later became Zayers, Dixie Drive In (sitting on the back concrete wall with GF watching movies), throwing cherry bombs into the canals to see fish blow up, navigating the canals from the bay to US1 in our boats. I sure do miss those times. Seems like Miami was so beautiful back then (60's - 70's). Lugo Ave - great views at night looking out over the bay to downtown Miami, Dinner Key, Key Biscayne. Oh well, I better get back to work for now...

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Anonymous said...

I tend not to drop many comments, but i did some searching and wound
up here "I'm not the only one who remembers...".
And I do have a couple of questions for you if you do not mind.
Could it be only me or does it seem like some of the responses come across
as if they are written by brain dead people? :-P And, if you are writing at additional online sites,
I'd like to keep up with everything new you have to post. Could you make a list of every one of your community sites like your twitter feed, Facebook page or linkedin profile?

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Anonymous said...

Skipper Chuck, Zayre's, JM Fields, Woolworth and Woolco, UtoteUm, when 163rd street mall was a big shopping center with carny rides outside, Treasure Island at the Omni, Burdines, Jordan Marsh...good days, good times!

Michael Freed said...

You got a great memory were the same age

Michael Freed said...

I was your neighbor

Michael Freed said...

I went to beach high go high tides natilus and fisher jr on miami beach could go for a reubin from wolfies about now jump off 163 st bridge sat morn then go to castaways or pizza at cazzolis yum or nathons hotdogs on mbeach

Michael Freed said...

I was born at jackson memorial in 62 small world

Michael Freed said...

Great footlongs and brainfreeze cold miller draft ye haw or miami slang cool dude

Michael Freed said...

Do you know daniel freed you sound familiar

Anonymous said...

I spent my 6th through 10th grade years in 33156. Lived about 2 years on 109th and another 3 on 98th. Lots of tennis at Royal Palms and Matheson Hammock. Went to Palmetto Jr and Sr high, with a short stint at Gulliver too. Lived down the street from and played with the Buonconti boys from the Dolphins. Pro football players were middle class then. Lots of time playing pickup hoops at Suniland Park. Shared a boat with folks who lived in Snapper Creek -- Elliott Key and family parties in Stiltsville on weekends. Could not beat this childhood....

Anonymous said...

I spent my 6th through 10th grade years in 33156. Lived about 2 years on 109th and another 3 on 98th. Lots of tennis at Royal Palms and Matheson Hammock. Went to Palmetto Jr and Sr high, with a short stint at Gulliver too. Lived down the street from and played with the Buonconti boys from the Dolphins. Pro football players were middle class then. Lots of time playing pickup hoops at Suniland Park. Shared a boat with folks who lived in Snapper Creek -- Elliott Key and family parties in Stiltsville on weekends. Could not beat this childhood....

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Anonymous said...

Great, south Florida was a great place in the day :-) I remember a lot from the comments left of good ole Miami...who remembers the orange blossom hobby shop on 36th street near the Miami international airport?