Friday, November 9, 2007

More Memories...

You grew up in Miami if you remember?

Land crabs in your front yard
The Eagles concert at the Miami Baseball Stadium
Western Sunset Bowl
Don Carter's was the ONLY thing on 137th & Kendall
When you could get a bucket of shrimp at Kentucky Fried Chicken
Miami??See it like a Native When there was a canal down the center
Miller Road �The Dungeon� on Saturday morning T.V.
Bowl - O - Mat on US1
St. Timothy's annual carnival
The water tower in South Miami Heights
When Quail Roost Drive was nothing but avocado groves
Big Daddy's Lounge on US1 and Coral Reef Drive
When there wasn't a turnpike - we drove on it before it was opened
When Black Point was the old shack store and
there was nothing but shrimp boats there
A&W Drive-In - served birch beer and the waitresses came out on
roller skates
The air raid sirens in South Miami
Polar Palace on 36th Street
The old skinny rickety bridges to Key West
Mike's Drug Store in the South Miami Heights shopping center
Eureka Park's little orange pumpkin
Six year olds being able to walk to school on your own (I did - 5
Gen & Wren's (it's the Shack now)
Hurricane Donna
The dump at the end of Eureka on Old Cutler Road
W. T. Grants and Grant City (where the Best Buy is now on US1 &
Hey, Culligan Man
The waterslide in Florida City
Zayres on US1 in â??Pinecrestâ? where the Home Depot is now
When Pinecrest was Sunniland
The Tigertail Lounge in the Grove - love that Bobby Dykes
When there was a Winn Dixie where Cocowalk is now
When Flannigans was the Loggerhead and it had
pool tables and didn't serve food
Royal Castle on US1 and Carribbean OR Galloway and Sunset?
When you didn't have to pay to launch your boat at Matheson
Jai Lai on US1 behind the Bowl - O - Mat
Dixie Drive-In where the big Publix is now on US1
Neisner's in the old Cutler Ridge strip mall
had a picture booth, pay a quarter and get 4 pictures on a little
Mr. & Mrs. Burr owned everything on the west
side of Burr Road and Mr. Mixon owned everything on the east side
Camp Choee on Colonial and 117th
Camp Mahachee by Matheson Hammock park
When there was no Mt. Trashmore
Beefsteak Charlie's on US1 across from Bowl - O - Mat
You could find shells in the water at Matheson Hammock wading beach
Ford Fairlane 500
Gooney golf at the Colonial Palms Course on US1 & 136th St
Patty Murray on WGTR
The Dupont Plaza Hotel on the Miami River
Monroe Station
My Mom & Dad met at Jimmy's Hurricane
Coral Gables was "the" high school
South Dade was the Rebels
24 Hours of Smugglers Blues
The bowling alley at the end of Cutler Ridge strip mall (where Sears
is now)
The little walk-in movie theater in the back of Cutler Ridge's
strip mall
Richard's Dept Store was the anchor at the Cutler Ridge
strip mall
Private camps in the everglades
Pole beans on Kendall Drive
The Coconut Grove Arts Festival was free and you
could actually buy something there
The Trail Theater on Douglas/8th St
Pizza Patio on Bird Road with its roller skating
waitresses and car-side service (remember the
metal trays that clamped on the side of carâ??s
window opening - windows that you cranked down);
The Huddle House (at the corner of SW 8th street
and 76th before 826 cut off the only way to turn down 76th,
The Coral Way Drive-In that was down the street
from the football stadium local high schools
played their games in (the area of Coral Way between 74th and 70th);
Concord Shopping Center and Movie Theater;
Food Fair, Quick Check, and Super-X;
The Sword and Marlin Club;
Anthony Abraham's home along with the
neighbors on either side of him in the Gables
putting up the most amazing Christmas decorations
When Kendall Drive was â??the road to nowhereâ?
Colonial Palms Golf Course on US 1 and SW 136th St
When I-95 didn't reach here
When Miami's Best Pizza was the original Little
The Five & Dime Store at Coral Way and 27th Ave
When Les Violins was a hot spot
When the people on South Beach were older than the buildings
WCIX - Channel 6 - be a part of it all
Big Wilson
The original Holsom Bakery Christmas display in
South Miami - it always smelled so good there
Peter Frampton and Elvin Bishop at the Miami Baseball Stadium
Howard Schnellenberger was â??kingâ?
The Austrailian Pines that lined the trail on the way to Miccosoukee
The zoo at Crandon Park had kiddy rides there too
Larry Csonka and Jim Kick
Zayres, Diskay, Woolworth, and Woolco in
Westchester and what was then Midway Mall;
WFUN and WQAM were "the" stations to listen
to if your car only had an AM radio - If you
were lucky enough to have FM, you listened to Y-100;
Burger Castle in Westchester and Lums were the
places to go with your friends after school and football games;
Mr. Donut had the BEST doughnuts and eclairs;
Sambo's (in the Gables across form Sears),
Sweden House (on Dixie Highway), and The Flame (also on Dixie);
When Tamiami Park was Tamiami Airport and there
were cow pastures across the street from it;
The animated, talking cow in Dressels Dairy's
ice cream parlor along with Toby the Robot on Skipper Chuck.
The Serpentarium
The Copacabana Supper Club
James McDuffie and Neville Johnson
Johnnie Jones and gold plumbing
Boston Blacky
Pizza of UM
Lou Saban
Murf the Surf
K-102, I-95, and the original Zeta 4
Arthur Godfrey
A time when Frank Forte and Don Noe weren't on channel 10
Molly Turner and Alec Gibson
Arthur Godfrey Show from Miami Beach
When trains ran parallel to U.S. 1 (at ground level)
The roller skating rink at South Dixie and SW 27th Ave.
When the 836 toll was 10 cents
The Miami Marlins and the Ft. Lauderdale Yankees
When FIU was a "senior college" and the
school's nickname was the Sun Blazers?
The Miami Daily News
Miami Rowing Club
The Seminole Indian Village on NW 27th Ave. and 21st. near the Miami
K-land on Kendall Drive
The Ft. Lauderdale Strikers
Flipper in the open end-zone at the Orange Bowl
When Crown Liquors got shot up
Cocaine Cowboys
Tent City
Packer Pontiac
Hurricane David and that masking tape that's still on all your
Grand Union
When the Norway was the largest cruise ship in the world
When the Rusty Pelican burned down ? again and again
Miami Dade Junior College
The Coffee House on Douglas Rd
The Lemon Twist
The Monk's Inn
The French Connection (restaurant)
Monty Trainer's Village Inn
Jordan Marsh
Peaches Records and Tapes
The Coca Cola Bottling company in the grove
Super Skating Centers and Tropical Skating Center
Air Florida and Eastern Airlines
Glen Rinker & Ralph Renick
Gator Kicks on Tamiami Trail
When there was a grocery store in Dadeland Mall
The Mariel Boatlift
When Ana Azcuy married Kid Curry
Heiny Wine "The wine that made Medley, Medley"
When the 94th Aero Squadron had good food
The Tropicaire Drive in Theater
When there was a Burdines at the Mayfair mall
When SunTrust was Sun Bank
The Dadeland Twin Theater, The Riviera Theater, and Plitt Gables
The Coral Theater, The Gables Theater, The Coconut Grove PlayHouse
Gordons Docks
The Collusium Opera House 1928; Boxing -
Wrestling - Ice Skating - Roller Skating Rink (Bowling Center in the
Indy car races at Tamiami Park
The Hialeah race track with demolition derbys
When Shorty's burned down
When the Rickenbacker was a drawbridge - and cost 25 cents
Biscayne Dog Track
Campus Life Haunted House
When the Youth Fair was at K-Land on Kendall Drive
When the Mark IV was the best ride at the youth fair
All the Dairy Farms; (Where Miami International Airport sits Today).
Uncle Gordon reads the Sunday Funnies on the
radio (at the Freedom Tower Bldg Formerly the Miami Daily News
The Skipper Chuck Show and the Sunday Funnies
Miami Marine Stadium and Hydroplane races
Hugo the whale
Velvet Creme
Planet Ocean
Monkey Jungle
Club OZ
Tom Thumbs in the Grove
When the Mall of the Americas was Midway Mall
Rory Sparrow
Black Caesar's Forge
Grant's Five and Dime - Downtown
Rick Shaw
The Big Wheel
Pizza Palace
Ice Palace Ice Skating Rink on NW 36 St.
Key West was a long, lonely trip,, and the Key Lime Pie was
The trips down to the Rod and Reel Club at Jew Fish Creek on Key
The Red Diamond Italian Restaurant
The El Bolero Restaurant
When La Carreta only had one location
Dressels Dairy for Ice Cream and Pony rides on a
Sunday afternoon on Milam Dairy Road;
Sealtest Icecream parlor near Jimmys Hurricane on Bird rd.
Luskin's High Fidelity
Lyles Pharmacy
Lindsley Lumber (how about Renuart Lumber??)
A.J. Duhe
Victoria and Abbey Hospitals
Malibu Grand Prix
Jackson-Byrons; JByrons; Jacksons
The rides on top of downtown Burdines each holiday season.
McCrory's Five and Dime - Downtown
Roland Your Hatter in the Seybold Bldg.
Bayfront Auditorium with the Saturday Dances
Bayfront Park
5th Street Fishing Pier and Charter Boats -
Downtown (where Bayside sits today)
FunLand Park on NW 27th ave.
Krome Ave. was wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy out in the sticks.
Seminole Indian huts out on Tamiami Trail that
did not have Parabolic antennas sticking out of the tops
Pan Am Seaplane Hangers (where real live
seaplanes took off many times a day) in the Grove on Bayshore
Mansene's Spaghetti House
The Studio Restaurant
The Yorkshire; The Hampshire
Leonard La Pena's Steak House
FIRE Station #1 across from the old Courthouse
The Old Miami train station just across the street from the police
Coral Gables Bus station
The Boys Club of Miami (before it became Co-Ed)
A & W birch beer joints
Royal Castle burger joints
The tennis courts at Coconut Grove park next to the basketball court
Florida Pharmacy in the Grove
The Light House on Key Biscayne was â??Red Brickâ?
Elliot Key - A simple picnic place w/ NO Seawall.
Fair Isle was just that,, an island
P. B. A. park on N. W. 14 St.
Miami Senior High before air conditioning
Biscayne Cafeteria in the Gables
M and M cafeteria on SW 27 Ave and 8 St
King Arthur's Court off 36 Street
Big Daddy's
Midnight Drag Races on Kendalll Drive waaaaay out there towards
Krome Ave.
Allen's Drug Store at Red and Bird (still there!)
WINZ Radio
Miracle Theater in the Gables
Tropicaire Drive-In Theater
Bird Bowl
The original Scotty's Grocery in the Grove
where tomatoes and artichokes were the size of your hand;
When Westchester was out in the country...way outside of
When there was NO FIU;
When Miami Coral Park Senior High School was predominantly Jewish;
When the UM Football Team were 0-10...always....
and their games in the Orange Bowl were played to empty stands;
Miles of strawberry fields on Kendall Drive after you passed 107th
No Town & Country Mall on Kendall Drive;
No "West Kendall" at all;
The Miami Police Station across the street from
the old courthouse in down town Miami,, close to Burdines
All the Banyan trees that lined South Dixie Hwy
The HAMLET bar on Main Hwy
The little drive-in place that sold whisky at South Dixie and 27th
The Zoo at Crandon Park (and the park too)
Stiltsville was a seldom frequented place on the sand bars
Lejune drive in, where the Marriott is now.
Widow McCoy's in the Grove was the hotspot for live jazz;
The Grove Movie Theatre and the midnight
Rocky Horror shows every weekend;
All the funky shops on Grand Avenue before Cocowalk and Mayfair took
When there was no traffic on the Palmetto
Expressway or there was NO Palmetto Expressway;
When the city of Sweetwater was just some
trailers and small farms and houses on the other side of the
and there was NO Fountainbleau development;
When there was NO Midway Mall, International Mall, or Dolphin Mall ;
Royal Ice Company on Douglas and US1
Great Value grocery store in Cutler Ridge, next to Dadâ??s Hardware
Breezeway Drive-In in Homestead
Shaw's Nursery on US1 and Killian Dr
Rhodes Brothers club on US1 & 136th
Bird Bowl had a gas station
Tropical Park was a horse track
Police Athletic League dances at Bird Road and 72nd
When Coral Park High School was only 10th grade (1964)
We had channel 4 (CBS), 7 (NBC), 10 (ABC) and then 6 (WCIX)
Bird Bowl & the skating rink
Drink & Sink...all the skating & beer you can
drink for $ you know how hard it is to go
to the bathroom with skates on ??
The Playboy Clubs...disco dancing...the
"bunnies" had little cotton tails...
Orangeade, frozen pizzas & foot long hot dogs at Pizza Palace
ALL the woods we had to mud bog in
Taking the bus to shop in the Gables
All the worms on the sidewalks & in the hallways at school after a
big rain
Tadpoles in the puddles
Camping at Browns Farm
The Circus Restaurant on Bird Road
The Brasserie by the airport
The 1800 Club
The pizza place on 103rd street that showed
Little Rascal videos...& had the BEST pizza too!
Skiing at the Airport Lakes
The Sportatorium in the middle of nowhere (West
Broward County) where national rock bands came to perform
When Miami Beach restaurants and bars closed at
11 PM and there was no South Beach scene;
Earl Cashmoreâ??s Shell Station on the corner of Eureka and Franjo
Sunniland Theater where the Oriental Rug place is now
Tom McCann shoe store in the old Cutler Ridge strip mall
Tony Segreto was the sportscaster on the local NBC station (channel
Greg Budell came out as a drug addict to Rick Shaw on the air
The haunted Biltmore Hotel
Camping on the levy on Tamiami Trail in the Everglades
Orange Julius in the malls
The Yumbrella in South Miami
The old zoo & train rides at Crandon
Sorrento's Italian Restaurant
Jody's Little Store on the corner of Quail Roost and US 1
Grant's AND Neisner's were at Cutler Ridge SHOPPING CENTER
When Miami Dade Jr. College - SOUTH opened in
various locations: Suniland Theater, Palmetto
Sr. High at night, Tennis at Continental Park, Archery at K-land
The day Shortyâ??s burned down! many times DID Shortyâ??s
Burger King walk up with screened in patio area to eat in.
What was the name of the theater across from
UM? and the Chinese restaurant in the Gables, and STEVENS market...
Was the ice cream parlor on Miracle Mile Jahnâ??s?
Jackie Gleason ("and away we go")
The Hasta Restaurant
Girl Scout meetings in the South Miami Library on Sunset
Dairy Freeze on Sunset
Crusin' at Hot Shops
Riviera theater in front of UM
The Blue's Image--rock on!
Carnival at Epiphany
Austin's Dive Shop on Dixie Hwy. (still there yet)
Diving in the "lakes" off Miller
The herd of black and white belted cattle at the Palmetto and 153rd.
Snowden's (need we say more?)
Submarine races on the shores of Miller lake.
Robert's Western Wear and feed and grain at Dixie and Sunset
Foster's Department Store on Sunset with the open back doors, where I
waved as the train went by.
Floor fans, ceiling fans, swatting flies and PeeWees on ice.
Selling Crispie Cremes on Saturdays door to door.
South Dade "Rebels" in Confederate uniforms
Plinking with .22's off west Sunset in the canal.
Seeing Santa at the downtown Burdine's
Riding the bus from So. Miami to Coral Gables and downtown
Having lunch on the seawall at Immaculata while watching Coast Guard
seaplane fly in and out
Pony rides
Aero Country Club
Brown's Field (prior to Aero CC)
Old Tamiami Airport (now FIU)
You could only get to the Cape Florida lighthouse by boat
The old Crandon Park Zoo and kiddy rides
Virginia Beach was for blacks
Dairy Queen had "white" and "black" water fountains.
Frankies Pizza
Open-air Dadeland
Suniland was THE shopping center (along with K-mart)
Miracle Mile--was


Anonymous said...

Most of those clicked for me. Grew up in Perrine, when the accent was on the P. Then moved to Coral Gables.

If you want some pictures to go with these memories, check out this guy's page:

pbase (dot) com/donboyd/memories

Any my list of Miami trivia:

rayvaughan (dot) com/miami_trivia (dot) htm


videoaddict said...

How about all the crowds at coral way and 24th ave. when Modern TV showed the early color TV's at night in the early 50's. There were only 1 show per week at around 9 pm.

Al said...

Cool site. I lived in Hialeah from 1965 to 1995. Heres a memorie for you. There was a show on the old Channel 10 called Nightmare Theater. The intro used to scare the heck out me. I wish I could find some stills or promo materials.

Chris said...

Ahhh, yes...PeeRine! It's still called that by the "old timers".

Thanks for posting those 2 sites. I'll check them out asap.

Coral way and 24th was out of my jurisdiction, and it still is for the most part. I'll ask my Mom if she remembers that, though.

I don't remember Nightmare Theater, but I do remember Creature Feature on Saturdays!

Floridahistoryhunter said...

wow, I had a complete blast going through all the memories, thanks Chris. Earlier today someone on our Miami Dolphins football BB had a thread about old cartoons and somehow that led me to google Allens Drugstore and that's how I found this joint. Had a damned fit getting in too. Didn't realize this is who hosts my little site. I copied this site and some content with some comments, here they are;
Remembering old Miami

Originally Posted by Chris

The Blue's Image--rock on!
They played at Pals next to Mr Augustine's plumbing and he sponsored my football team at Westwood Park for years

Carnival at Epiphany

Austin's Dive Shop on Dixie Hwy. (still there yet)

Diving in the "lakes" off Miller Twin Island..
GREAT swimmin' hole, TALL swings and launch platforms..lots of tore up kids from coral rock too

The herd of black and white belted cattle at the Palmetto and 153rd. The Herefords.. could smell um too

Snowden's (need we say more?)
ahh I made a deal with God from the top of that dam once

Submarine races on the shores of Miller lake.
: )

Robert's Western Wear and feed and grain at Dixie and Sunset
only rock song on the jukebox was Inna gadda avida, the cowboys didn't like us

Foster's Department Store on Sunset with the open back doors, where I
waved as the train went by.

Floor fans, ceiling fans, swatting flies and PeeWees on ice.
PeeWee soda mm mm

Selling Crispie Cremes on Saturdays door to door.
and Charles chips and MacArthur milk..we all grew up.. on McArthurrr McArthur milk!

South Dade "Rebels" in Confederate uniforms
I had forgotten that

Plinking with .22's off west Sunset in the canal.
yea, there too

Seeing Santa at the downtown Burdine's
That's where my sis and I got our first Santa pics.. and the Ferris wheel on top of the bridge over the street was killer

Riding the bus from So. Miami to Coral Gables and downtown
we took the Baptist hospital bus 25cent

thanks again, I'll be back

Floridahistoryhunter said...

well, this place has become like a nervous twitch, I find myself clicking the link 3 times a day hoping you have showed up.

I would like to add some stuff;

the blimp base; we did some terrifying stuff out there driving with no lights, and then there was the crematorium.

Betty and Johnnies; Phillips 66 and honky tonk at the Dade-Monroe levee on the Trail. I will burn in hell for some of the folks I scared with snakes. We would camp there across the street on the levee. Folks would come there to fish, it was good, and we would pay them to buy us beer and hootch. I could go on for an hour about the stuff I did there, and that leads me to the next joint;

The Pit BBQ about a mile west of B&J's.. the old go cart track, I drove there before Mr Shiver started selling BBQ there. His son Dale was one of my best buddies and we would camp at B&J's together all the time. Catch snakes there together and sell them to pet stores. Then walk to the Pit snakin' all the way, and get a BBQ pork sammich with slaw. Mr. Shivers brother was Shivers BBQ in Homestead, and his sister married Shorty. There's more, Dales Dad went up to South Carolina and dug up what he thought was Osceola's bones and brought them back. Stay tuned.

the hippie tree at Millers Park

the purple cow

jumping off the cliffs at CD

jumping of the 48th street bridge

jumping off Snowdens dam we were buzzed and had been jumping off the pipe and bridge and cliffs and just dared each other into climbing the dam. I started loosing my nerve halfway up but no way was I backing down. Got to the top and it looked like a thousand feet down. I promised God if He let me live I would never jump from this dam again. 5 years later now out of the service I find myself at the top asking God to not kill me outright for breaking my word to Him.

jumping off the bridge at Alhambra Circle

Wild Hog Jamboree out at Monroe Station.

The Barnwell brothers fighting in the pits at Hialeah Speedway.

Marty M. wrecking the chicks new Camero in the "run what you brung" race he was driving a Ford Country Squire station wagon.

Sunnyland skating rink

the soda fountain at Olympia Heights Drugstore

the Royal Castle at 107th and Bird next to A&P

Bird Road Shits

Miller Road Shits


Mary's little store at Miller and 102ave.

Westwood park Panthers football

following the skeeter truck on our bikes

fishing bayside of the Snapper Creek to Parrot Jungle

going canepole fishing on the Trail with the family.. I got to explore and try not to get snakebit

Mineral Springs today's Chekika

going to the u-pickum fields in the station wagon. Momma was a proper Florida girl and put up stuff in Mason jars.

Momma knew of a red potato field that we would stop at every year. One year she slipped to Dad, who never went, that the field wasn't open, she just went there anyway. He threatened to have her arrested in front of us kids if she ever did it again. He meant it I think.

enough.. sorry : )

Anonymous said...

THe Coconut Grove Hotel
Jamestown Club
Lou and the recording studio
Jazz near the airport

Anonymous said...

Wow those are great i too have live my whole life. i grew up off of Carribean and 116 ave. real close to Southridge senior high. that stuff made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up... i moved to Virginia Gardens in 1986by Miami international, where i still live today. Thanks for the memories!

48crash said...

Miami has changed for the has gone downhill since 1980. One thing I remember was the Pumpernik's on 112 st when there was no Pinecrest...just Sunniland. I was born and raised a Kendall rat. The six-laned 137 ave you see today was merely a 2-lane country road in some outpost..I had grown up in Kendall post-development craze and realized the warning signs in 1987...but my parents had the process serving business. I finally decided I had enough and now live in Hollywood which I love

48crash said...

I love Blues Image...I have the self-titled one from 1969 on vinyl..found it at a Goodwill Store. Makes me want to jump off one of those canals

Anonymous said...

Reading the memories list, I realized how I'd forgotten some places I took for granted. Born in 1954 at Doctor's Hospital, growing up near Blue & Red Roads, I come from Miami pioneer stock and have heard stories from not only my mom, but my sister as well. I remember getting the house ready for hurricanes Donna & Betsy; making late night run to Farm Stores; driving over the rickety wooden bridge to Miami International to pick-up my dad who worked for Eastern Airlines; going out to Cutler Ridge was the outer limits; the wonderful smells of Holsum Bakery and it's fun Christmas displays; walking the sand-bars at Matheson; Camp Mahachee; The Garbage Bowl; riding the Coral Gables bus to just about anywhere I needed to go; going to the Three Sisters store - across from Allen's to buy white gloves for my 1st Communion at St. Theresa's; the new Burger King and the old Home Milk delivery...
It's fun to read what everyone remembers and I can see each place in my memory. Told my sister about this site, for her Miami fix. Living now in Southern California, I sometimes miss the warm waters of Biscayne Bay. But I still chuckle when I hear folks talk about South Beach and how wonderful it is. Really? I don't think so!

Skil's & Me said...

Swimming in Snapper Creek (How sick was that?) Busch Hill, Del-Chis always getting in some kind of trouble. Wow,I better stop. Jim Alderman

Debbie Pierce said...

reading all the postings reminds me of all the great memories I have as a child..Miami is not the same. Sad

Bruce W. Hansen said...

No one EVER listened to Y-100 by choice! Or 96X. The only stations to listen to were ZETA, The Bus and SHE. I haven't seen any mention of the paint testing between US1 and the railroad tracks. Started about 104th street (by Jefferson and Black Angus) heading south and ran past 112th to about 124th across from Sunniland Shopping Center... racks and racks of paint swatches baking in the Florida sun...

Anonymous said...

pee wees were the BEST sodas..and the paint racks over US1, across from Sunniland Shopping Center. The air raid sirens every nSaturday at 12 noon...Senn's Five And Ten store in Sunniland. Snowdens, and parking down on "the point" by the old Deering Estate, (the one that wasn't Vizcays). I was a baton twirler fro Burdines in the Coral Gables Junior Orange Bowl Parade. I remember Charles Chips were delivered! We wd go down south to the Mennonite farms and get their fresh baked cinnamon rolls. YUM. And I even worked a while at the Bowling Alley on US1, where they put a Metro statio Oh man I had some good times there....

SwampAngel65 said...

Yeah...Zeta and WSHE- She's Only Rock n Roll!

The paint testing place is still there...still testing paints.

Anonymous said...

I really need to get a log in name here...instead of being anonymous...

OK does anyone remember singing this song every morning in school or was it just a Pinecrest thing?

I want to wake up in the morning
Where the orange blossoms grow
Where the sun starts peeping
Into where I'm sleeping and the
Song bird sings hello...
I love the fresh air and the sunshine
They're so good for us you know
So I make my home in Florida
Where the orange blossoms grow....

Come back people! So many good posters to share with yet they seem to have drifted away.....


Anonymous said...

Oh and yeah..WSHE and Zeta 4 were THE stations to listen too. I still have my original Zeta4 license plate. The OLD one...from 197...something.

And Don Boyd's site is WONDERFUL..all those old pix...

And which BBQ was better? Shivers or Shortys? Is Shivers still there?

Anonymous said...

I grew up in Miami, I went to Auburndale Elementary when Krispy Kreme was across from Woodlawn Cemetary, on SW 8th Street. I went to Shenandoah Jr. when Rocky Rasin was begining his teaching career there. I graduated from Miami Sr. High, the same school my grandmother and mother went to.
My great grandmother was the first woman ever to sit on a jury in Miami. So I remember the Silver Dollar drive in, The Granada Restaurant. The rides on the top of Burdines Department store downtown. The Kresse Department store downtown had a great cafeteria on the second floor. The Mahi Shrine had parades down Flagler. I miss those days.

Anonymous said...

I remember the Puritan Dairy store (Flagler and about 27th Ave.- near Miami High-?)that were famous for their hot fudge sundaes topped with almonds for 20 cents. This was a must after the Miami High football games. (1950's)

BrendaJean said...

What an awesome place, this! My birth certificate says "Rural Dade County, Fla", not Miami, Fla! People don't believe it.

I was a child of the 50's/60's. Went to Flagami Elementary; my father helped build it. My mother had a pt-time job at the Zayre's store out in Westchester shortly after it opened. I still have the newspaper Mama bought for me from the paper box sitting outside the store the night of Nov. 22, 1963, when President Kennedy was killed earlier that day. We had to go out there that evening for something and she bought the paper for me. 7th grade I attended West Miami Jr. High @ Coral Way and 76th (??) Ave. Then we moved (far away) to Cutler Ridge. We lived in Point Royal, right off US1 just before you get down to Carribean Blvd. So I attended C.R. Jr High and Palmetto HS. Both my older cousins played football for Palmetto, and in my Sophmore yr the younger of my 2 cousins was attending Miami Dade Jr College classes held at Palmetto HS. I thought it was cool whenever I saw him in the afternoons but he obviously didn't think it so cool to have his younger cousin trying to trail him around.

The ginormous list on here brought back all kinds of memories. I could go on and on. I'll have to come back.

SwampAngel65 said...

Thanks, BrendaJean! I think that list was actually emailed to me from somebody...can't remember anymore. So I didn't come up with all of it! I think what I'll do is start a new list and add all the things different people have told me about!

(My ex went to Flagami)

SwampAngel65 said...

And YES...I remember that orange blossom song!! We were talk that in elementary school! I am amazed that anyone else knows it!!!!

Shorty's is better than Shiver's. Both are still there, in fact Shorty's has another place on Bird and one in Doral...can you believe it?

Anonymous said...

Great site. Thanks for the memories.
I remember Rocky Raisin.
He taught us the elements by square dancing.
He also had a song about the elements.
Here's the site
He used to show us photos of brains, and livers and lungs.
Ahhh the memories,LOL!
I'm a 6th Gen Floridian born in 60"s the Grove and loved it. That was when the Grove was the Grove.
I'm not to familiar with the southern part of the county, we stayed in and around the Grove.
It was a blast.
Enjoy the song!

Anonymous said...

Anyone rmember the Zoo at Crandon.
The trains, it was amazing to go be able to go to the beach and zoo.

It's just NOT the same. It's about the might $ now!
Now Parrot Jungle near the cruise ships.
Mypii pizza near the Castaways!
The Castaways itself was an interesting place to go, LOL!

I thank you all for the great memories!
I'm gonna add this site to my fav's and check on it from time to time.
Maybe I'll add some more tidbits myself.

Anonymous said...

I would like to exchange links with your site
Is this possible?

SwampAngel65 said...

That's fine with me! The more memories that can be shared, the better :)

Anonymous said...

I'm a first generation Miamian. My parents came during the freedom flights in the 60s. I remember the McDuffie riots..seeing the Army convoys driving by and my folks telling me that it was to protect us from "the hurricane"..My cousin had the "She's only rock and roll sticker" on her TransAm..Remember the Serpentarium..CoralGables Sportatorium (on Douglas and 16th) where we had a fraternity initiation in the shell of the old building..The Deco-looking Gulf gas station (still into the 90s) on 27th and US1.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Someone mentioned Hugo the whale...don't forget about Lolita!

Ellen said...

Can't forget Pantry. pride supermarkets which got called PANTY PRIDE

Anonymous said...

Crown Lanes was at the end of Bird Road. My Dad managed it when it opened

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget Holsum Bakery which became the Bakery Center which is now Shopes at

Anonymous said...

How about the 7-Eleven on Red and Sunset.

Fox's Sherron Inn

Jerry's Restaurant on US 1.


Now I'LL never forget when dad let me and my sister order that gi-gantic banana split from JAHN'S ICE CREAM PARLOR, ON MIAMI BEACH-!We pigged-out soooo bad-it still hurts---IT HURTS!


Where CENTRAL STADIUM once stood on CORAL WAY-there should be a monument put up-dedicated to the tactical battles waged in football every Thanksgiving Day! Two opposing cannons facing off-one representing SOUTHWEST HIGH SCHOOL-ONE REPRESENTING CORAL GABLES HIGH SCHOOL-THE BEST OF TIMES!

Splitter said...

All the schools I went to did not have A/C from 1958 till about 1969-1970.I'm a graduate of MHS.Anyone remember 1974 'Midnight at the Oasis' Motel? Radio DJ's were promoting an album by Maria Maldaur hence the title.Picking tomatoes in Homestead and throwing them at your friends as we picked.How about the little "tomatoe boy" selling in my neighborhood off Flager St. and my mother would buy fresh tomatoes. How about long before 'Bob's Baracades' there were those round kerosene black bomb like lanterns with a fire wick that would mark a hole in the road or some kind of road construction. How about playing hours of pinball at old Don's Sundries on Flager St.? Or sneaking into the old Blimp Base witch is now Zoo Miami and drinking beer? Wow,remember when Zoo Miami was called Metro Zoo?

Anonymous said...

Kendall West 40s 87th Ave and 104 St.
Youth Fair at Tropical Park.
In the 60s,there was a live elephant at a house on the NW corner of Bird Rd and 107 Ave.
The Dragon Fountain in Dadeland Mall.
Black Angus on 104 and US1
Shortys having an Ice Cream Shop.
Flynns Dixie Ribs

More to come soon

Mark M.

Anonymous said...

Saturday Sock Hop behind Concord Shopping Center
Skipper Chick
Tahiti Beach,remember the swimming platform in the middle and the old rickety wood bridge you had to cross?
Old Hickory BBQ on US1
South Dade "Farmers" and Palmetto High known as Palmetto Bugs.
Zayres and Jeffersons
Coppertone Girl with the dog
Johnny and Mack by the railroad track, the worlds finest and thats a fact
Lums on US1 and 104 and In Coconut Grove
Hidden Lake SW 137 Ave and about 140st
Fishing along Black Point Canal before it became a marina
Sword and Marlin
New England Oyster House
Suniland Movie Theater w/balcony
Chicken Unlimited on Kendall and 97 Ave
Youth fair held on west side of Dadeland before they moved to K-Land
Dr. Stemmerman and Dr Brown

More to come
Mark M.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget "Musa Isle", "Shell's City" supermarket, "Ralphs" supermarket, "Alabama Jacks" in Cardsound, "Coral Restaurant" in Key Largo, "Andalucia Bakery" Coral Gables, "Diamonds" arts and crafts store, and the carnival rides on top of Downtown Burdines.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember the local kids show "Arthur and Company" from the early '80s? One of the puppeteers and actors was my art teacher at Gulliver Academy for several years - Mrs. Krewer. On the show she showed us how to make paper-clip necklaces and Coke-bottle planters. I loved her! I also remember watching "Duck-Duck-Goose" and "Sunday Funnies" - my best friend appeared on both of those in the late '70s. They sure wouldn't make a show like that today - a bunch of newly-literate kids reading the comics. I feel like that time - the early '80s - was the tail end of Miami being a really nice place to grow up. By the end of that decade, it was well on its way to becoming the hole it is today... Or maybe I was just old enough to recognize it.

Anonymous said...

Our favorite band Diamond Lil playing at Rollo's on US1 (Dixie Hwy) just south of Kendall drive.

Sandy said...

Growing up in Miami in the 70s and 80s was a wonderful experience, I have so many terrific memories.

-Peacock Park in the Grove, which back in the 70s my sister and I called "Hippy Park"
-The smell of the water in the tidal pool at Matheson Hammock Park
-Venetian Pool with the ice cold water, but really cool grotto
-Taking the #88 bus to Dadeland when it still had Pantry Pride grocery store in the center in the rear, where they built the food court eventually
-Omni Mall downtown with the carousel
-Charles Chips delivered to your house
-Going on the Goodyear Blimp from Watson Island
-Going on Skipper Chuck and having him scream at us (Brownie Troop) to shut up!
-Going every Saturday to the library at Bayfront Park and seeing no one else except the bums sleeping at the bandshell
-Docking our boat at Monty Trainers when it wasn't much more than a patio and a shack
-Bird Bowl, Polar Palace, Kendale Lakes and Kendall Skating Centers
-K-Land and Suniland Parks
-Gooney Golf on corner of S US1 and 136th
-Going to every home game at Mark Light Stadium to watch UM Hurricanes play baseball, then going right across the street to Howard Johnson's for fried clams and ice cream
-Gold Triangle, Luria's, Grants, Treasury, J Byrons, Lindsey Lumber, Farm Stores with those great drive up windows, Zayres, Jordan Marsh, Fedco on Kendall Drive, just past 97th Ave.
-Ann Bishop, Glenn Ricker, Dwight Lauderdale and Don Noe on Channel 10 - Weaver the Weather Man on channel 6
-Suniland Park, K-Land Park, Tropical Park
-Spinning shark sign on Key Biscayne
-Driving to middle of nowhere to Hollywood Sportatorium to see concerts
-Orange Bowl stadium for Dolphins and Hurricane games, as well as concerts
-Swedish House
-WAXY 106.7 with Rick Shaw
-Orange Bowl parade downtown every New Years Eve and yet felt safe
-Crandon Park zoo and the little train they had - then Miami Metrozoo where I worked for years
-Sambos on Biscayne Blvd
-Wolfies and Pumpernicks

I could go on and on. Thanks for the stroll!

SirHenryMorgan said...

OMG...I used to take the (BUS FROM HELL...STILL IS... #52) from Cutler Bay (used to be Cutler Ridge) to my job at Sizzler in Suniland!

Wendie Mateu said...

Jimmie's Hurricane with curb service
Dixie DriveIn
Pony Rides at Suniland
Christman Scenes prepared by Holsum Bakery
Carnival rides on the roof of Burdines downtown
Fishing Boats docking at Bayfront
DuPont Plaza Hotel
Hot Shoppes
Rare Bird Farm at SW 102 St. & US1

Wendie Mateu said...

How about Hobie's Hardware in Suniland
Captain's Tavern was the Post Office for Kendall, 56 Florida before zip codes, and "Kendall" was from US 1 east to the Bay - not west of US 1.
Phone numbers were Mohawk, Cedar, etc.
6 cent Pepsi's at Grand Union
The Flame Restaurant in Suniland
4th of July Fireworks at the Orange Bowl
Going to Channel 4 to be on Skipper Chuck!
Dr. Ben Shepherd
Doc Chastain
Miami Sound Machine
The Kitchen Sink at Jahn's - a gigantic bowl and everyone dipped their spoons in over and over and over - ikk!
The Bargain Basement at Richards downtown?
Remember when the Dade County Youth Fair was on North Kendall?
When the light at LeJeune was the first one going north from Kendall?
Kids from Kendall went to Gables - there was no Southwest or Palmetto.
The Flick, featuring John Denver
The Poinsetta Motel at US1 & 100 St.
The Chessapeake House up by the airport
OK Feed Store on US 1 in South Miami
The Who and the Ohio Express in Concert in the Orange Bowl
Freedom Flights coming in from Cuba
Policeman's Park
McArthur Dairy with rides
Joe Namoth in the Orange Bowl, Super Bowl 1969
Gas pumps with cranks on the side to turn the numbers all to zero
You could turn off the key in the car and "coast" bc you could still steer it!
Art Carlson briefly as Anchor on Channel 10
Wednesday was Ladies Night at Rhodes Brothers

Anonymous said...

Kendall skating center, hidden lake, mickeys quickies, boones farm strawberry hill, miller beer, making out with your girlfriend at the maze, black trans ams, skiing at e lake, bogeys barn, lil general by bk lounge,

Anonymous said...

I remember so much it made me melancholy to read. Sigh...
Have lived in Miami for over 40 years. Graduated from Coral Gables Sr. High in 1981.
Loved this.

Bruce Barnes said...

mentioned richards dept store, I remember them building it. before they finished they had someone come in with a snow making machine and blew snow at the building site for all the kids to play in. the pony rides near the bowling alley in CR.Being able to shoot guns at my aunt and uncles house on 174 th st. the Easter egg hunt at the park on u s 1 near Homestead. fishing at Black Point. Swimming in the canels and jumping off the bridges. When the little league field was on Eureka in South Miami Heights.The building of the pool in cutler ridge. climbing the water tower behind CR elem. school.Skinny dipping in the lake in Whispering Pines ,before it was surrounded by houses. the sat. movies at CR shopping center, the first movie I saw there was the "BIRDS". My Uncle's Fire Station on Franjo Rd.It was at his house. so many great memories of that time.

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Anonymous said...

Little Ceasars as the best pizza place? You have got to be kidding. You totally forgot about Frankie's on Bird Road. Been there 58 years and it's still the best pizza in town!

Selim Salguero said...

I grew up in South Miami Heights in the 1960's till 1972 (forced to move to Palm Beach). There was a great chinese restaurant in South Miami (off of U.S.1)called The Formosa. Pony rides at the Cutler Ridge shopping center next to Bowling Alley. Drive in theaters BreezeWay(Homestead),Dixie Drive -In(Perrine),Tropicana(across from Tropical racetrack),Coral Way drive-in,LeJuene(by airport),Lowes Drive-In(east of I-95 btwn 79th & 82ndSt.),Northside Drive-In,NorthDade and Golden Glades Drive-In all which my mother and I would visit one theater a night and became friends with management wifh alot of them.
Channel 6 was an independant station and they had kid show The White Baron. Channel 76 had The show The Dungeon with M.T.Graves(aka Charlie Baxter) and channel 4 had Skipper Chucks Popeye Playhouse which I occasionally performed magic(I was in elementary school)on and at times with HoHo the Clown.
So much on your list that was bringing tears to my eyes and pain to the Heart. I'm 55 now and could only wish fot those good days.As someone said in this blog. Flynn's Dixie Ribs may not have been as good as Shorty's(and I would kill for ribs from Flynn's now) but theywere better than what you get now. Even Shorty's is not as good as it used go be before the fire.

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Anonymous said...

I happily stumbled on this site while looking for something else. We moved here from Syracuse in 1952 when I was four and moved into Bell Haven Trailer Park @ 3200 N.W. 79th St. Trailer parks get a bad rep nowadays, but it was a fabulous place to grow up. Funland Amusement Park was just down the road (in the 50's Bunny Yaeger did a photo shoot there with Betty Page). For those who lived in the north end here are some things to jog your memory that I didn't see mentioned elsewhere:
Sip and Sup on 79th St. at the bridge over Biscayne Bay
The Mayfair "art" theater where Omni is
The Rosetta Theater in Little River (you were wise to bring a can of Raid)
Rustic Roller Rink with an indoor wooden floor and and outdoor concrete floor
The soda fountain in the "basement" of Walgreen's downtown. I would take the #32 bus by myself when I was 12 and get a hamburger and cherry coke there after going to a movie (there were about 5) downtown.
Janna Laing McConnell

Anonymous said...

Never heard anyone mention the Golden Glades drive inn on the original Palmetto by-pass!

Anonymous said...

Lejeune Dairy, Huskcamp Rambler, Deel Ford, Dupont Plaza, WQAM and WFUN rock radio with Robbie Young, China Vallis and Pizza Palace.

Anonymous said...

The 7-eleven! We got icees there every Sunday after church at The Rivera Presbyterian! said...

Rollo's rock n roll palace! And Bird rd. Big Daddy's. Watching the band Release! Then everyone went to The Copa!

Max said...

Thanks for the memories...I remember so much of this. Grew up around Miami 62-79' So many places to get out in nature. Great friends..Yes the West40's mini bikes, and riding our BMX bikes. Camp ot in the 'Glades' and Dad & his buddies would go to the Gator Hook for beers..Talk about Characters. Hunt doves out past the old stone house on Kendall Dr. etc etc..
This is a great read also...Lots of good memories. I reposted your thread Chris and put a link over here if that's ok?..I hope.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember the name of the restaurant/bakery in South Miami off Sunset. When you faced the restaurant from the parking lot the bakery side was on the left. It had it's own door as well as a door for the restaurant but you could get to the bakery from inside the restaurant. They mainly sold large loaves of bread, pumpernickle, rye and others.

Ken Kappel said...

Someone mentioned Belle Haven Trailer Park family lived there from about 1954 until 1956 until we moved to Myrtle Grove/Carol City area. The family has old 8mm films of our family at the pool there. It was very 'rustic'. Each night we would walk to the shower room to get a shower. As a little kid I thought that was cool. While my Mother was doing laundry at the onsite laundromat on day my sister and I were playing on the slide by the railroad tracks, I got to the top of the slide and just tumbled over knocking me goofy. To this day I tell my sister that she told me to "jump dumbass". She did not do that.
Miami was a great place to grow up in the 50's. Most of my friends, and I, all lived the same life. Dad came back from WWII and we moved south to start a new life. And it made us kids independent and not afraid to venture out in our own lives. Friends from the first graduating class of Carol City '66 remain close due to our common backgrounds.

Anonymous said...

Miami Seaquarium
Georges Sub Shop, right next to the cemetery
Swap meets
Arthur Treachers Fish and Chips
All you could eat King Crab at New England Oyster House
94th Aero Squadron
Port of Miami Cruise Ships
Going to the beach to watch hurricanes
National Guard evacuating trailer parks bc of Hurricane warnings
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Dr. Demento
Creature Feature
Feeding the alligators lol
Huge mangos and avocados
The Boardwalk
Swamp cabbage
Bobby Tiger and the rest of the Tiger family
Alligator Wrestling
The flamingos at Hialeah Racetrack
The Versailles in Westchester mall
The Canton Chinese restaurant
Garlic Knots by the dozen
Captain Crabs
The Sea escape daily cruise
Deep Sea Fishing
Haulover Pier at 2 a.m.
Pitt Bbq pork sandwich which had coleslaw on the sandwich
Dade Corners and the restaurant that served gator tail, frog legs and rattlesnake (?)
Everglades field trips
Sweetwater's dirt roads and saw grass
The catwalks over the highway
Water skiing
Air Boat Rides

NytViolet said...

Third generation Miami girl (Coral Gables). Shopped on Miracle Mile and Dadeland, had my 10th birthday at The Red Diamond on Dixie Hwy. would ride my bike to Coconut Grove, then skate to the Vita Course. Spent summers at Venetian pool, and my father tried to teach me golf at the Biltmore Hotel when it was abandoned except for the pro shop and a small restaurant (oooooh, we thought it was haunted). As a teen spent Friday nights at Tropical West "shuffling" in my Ridell skates. Uncle Toms BBQ, Lila's Cuban restaurant and a The Canton. Christies was for special occasions, so was the Forge. In my 20's, attended UM and hit Monty Trainers on the weekends for a break from my studies. I could prattle on forever...I'm now 49 and live near Orlando, but I miss it so.

TonyP KeyRat said...

Jimmy Hendricks at the Miami Beach Auditorium
The Who at the Miami Marine Stadium
Led Zeppelin at Pirates World
Quick Silver at The Jai Lay Fronton
The Doors at the Bayfront Park Auditorium
sunday Love-Ins at Coconut Grove Park
Miami Great Times Great Music
I will never Forget

NytViolet said...

You and I must have run in the same circles! I remembered every place u mentioned.

Cheryl Stoquert said...

I moved to the Cutler Ridge area the tail end of 1972. I married shortly after, had 3 kids. Kids grew up and in 1997, I moved back up to Michigan for 4 years. Then I lived all over central FL. I had no choice but to come back. I remember most of the things on your list! I miss the old days, too! Miami is horrible now! I come back and keep hearing Pinecrest this and that, where the hell did Pinecrest come from? Metro Zoo is Zoo Miami? Cutler Ridge Mall which is what I will always call it is now Southland Mall? Better watch it Miami, they may change your name if you don't watch out!

Anonymous said...

How about Sambos' at Flagler and 27 ave, where there was Lums down the street. How about Grand Union supermarkets. The good ol days

Dan McDonald said...

How about Beer Boiled hot dogs at Lums?

Lynda Urieta said...

The wonderful smell of bread baking!

Lynda Urieta said...

Monty's for happy hour 1975! After work at Mercy Hospital best times!

Lynda Urieta said...

Frankie's best pizza ever!

Anonymous said...

Saturday morning kids double features where you could get in for 6 RC Cola Bottle-caps per kid. The Angry Red Planet was the one I can actually remember the best. Miami Shores theater, 163rd street Shopping mall, Even the 79th Street (and the Boulevard)theater, while it was transitioning to the Pussy Cat Club.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember the name of manager at bird bowl skating rink or his daughter ( I believe they called her Sister) ?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I remember that the skating rink at Bird Bowl was called Suniland.

Eddy Muniz said...

EddyMuniz: Remember University Lanes (bowling) off US1 and Sunset, I believe.

Burger Castle off Miracle Mile and Douglas road. Does anyone remember there being a rocket display for about a month? This is during the Apollo 11 landing.

Susan Carter said...

Marcella's Italian Restaurant in North Miami; Horseback riding at Greynolds Park; Staying at the cabins at Greynolds Park with Girl Scouts and running along the trails and up to the "tower"; Wolfies on Miami Beach; I attended Miami Edison in the late 50's and early 60's and my Dad had attended Miami High back in the day - boy did we have a competition going during football season! Shores movie theater; Brockway Memorial Library; the FIRST McDonalds in the area and the sign saying "Over one million sold"! Spending Saturday, mostly ALL of Saturday, at the old Rosetta Theater in Little River babysitting my pesty little brother and watching Duncan Yo-Yo Champs and bubble gum blowing contests on stage. Going to Shell's City to eat and shop as they had air conditioning. Christmas lights at the J. Baldie (sp?) Ford dealer's home - acres of white lights in the trees. Hurricane Parties. M-E-R-I-T-A, that's Merita - oh my the scent of fresh bread! Taking the bus to the beach, or downtown to Walgreens for lunch, or a movie when my friends and I were 12. Walking 1 mile to school and back when I was 6, rain or shine. My parent's would probably be arrested for that now! We were a Pioneer family from the early 1900's. My Grandfather was head bookkeeper for the building of the overseas railroad. My G.G. Uncle had the first taxi service in Miami. Too bad we didn't hold onto that downtown property a few more years!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I will try one more time! Lots of memories! Left homestead in 2001. A few I remember not mentioned. Donzantis, Dinos, Branding Iron. Golden lady, unwinder, redrooster, checkers liquors, saga lounge. Mr.Fuches art teacher/Fuchesorchids. Ms. Whitlash drama teacher Ms. Jarvis math. My dad managed lums resteraunt on old dixie & avacado? Litas head shop Last chance bar & package

Anonymous said...

And here's a few more... Robbies Feed Store, was on SilverPalm in theRedlands, then moved to Krome Ave. Subpub CommunityBank. Racing in Florida city. Miami subs. Calicojacks the raw bar. Knauss Berry farm & Burrs! Joes crabhouse The Charte house. Holiday Isle . Good traveling down memory lane... My parrents married in the 50's & honeymooned in Mia.Bch. ultimately moving from N.J. to Calf. ( dad spent 32 yrs. Serving his country) then Mia. Fl. Then Leisure city. Dad sadly passing in 1981 & mom in 2005. I miss the use to be.Lots of traffic, bad drivers & crowdedness compared to Citrus county.Abeautiful daughter & now a hansome grandson. Boy my age is showing! Harld Roth taught Karate @ kongado school of karate & keg partys@ the rockpit Coconut grove had agreat earth oil shop & the first 2nd hand jeans store before platos & labels maybe even goodwill! Hell I remember b-4 internet buying designer cloths & leathers for 3 $-4 $ no such thing as "botique" pricing.

Anonymous said...

And here's a few more... Robbies Feed Store, was on SilverPalm in theRedlands, then moved to Krome Ave. Subpub CommunityBank. Racing in Florida city. Miami subs. Calicojacks the raw bar. Knauss Berry farm & Burrs! Joes crabhouse The Charte house. Holiday Isle . Good traveling down memory lane... My parrents married in the 50's & honeymooned in Mia.Bch. ultimately moving from N.J. to Calf. ( dad spent 32 yrs. Serving his country) then Mia. Fl. Then Leisure city. Dad sadly passing in 1981 & mom in 2005. I miss the use to be.Lots of traffic, bad drivers & crowdedness compared to Citrus county.Abeautiful daughter & now a hansome grandson. Boy my age is showing! Harld Roth taught Karate @ kongado school of karate & keg partys@ the rockpit Coconut grove had agreat earth oil shop & the first 2nd hand jeans store before platos & labels maybe even goodwill! Hell I remember b-4 internet buying designer cloths & leathers for 3 $-4 $ no such thing as "botique" pricing.

Anonymous said...

Food Fair and Kwik Chek grocery stores. Frankie's Pizza on Bird Road used to give you an extra slice for the ride home and set it on top of the box.
I was in the first graduating class of Village Green Elementary School and my class wrote the alma mater: "Village Green, you're the school we love and your praises we proudly sing. We work and play and day by day, our devotion we gladly bring. With friendships to remember and pride forever in our hearts. Village Green, Village Green. Your name through the years will ring." Can't remember my cell phone number but I remember that!

Anonymous said...

I was stationed at Homestead AB in 1979-80. I really enjoyed the area. Channel 6 tv also broadcast the program sound track on radio. I got into listening to the original Cape Fear movie on my car radio, then ran inside to see the last few minutes on tv. Fennel's Orchid Jungle was a favorite place, maybe too far out to qualify for Miami memories, but a fun place to visit.

Jack Men said...

Very useful info. Hope to see more posts soon!.

Michael said...

Here are a few more:
South Dixie Discount Center by dad eland,
Palmetto Hardware was the biggest hardware store in town,
You remember the rocket ship playground thingy at the daycare across from Publix (now a wild oats) near US1 and 112th, just like the one that used to be at sunniland park. And it killed you your mom wouldn't take you there,
The secret limestone cave in matheson hammock on the west side of old cutler,
4 wheeling at saga bay,
Graffiti wall,
Drinking beer at the end of Lugo,
Taking your John boat out to chicken key to camp and get devoured by mosquitos,
Keg parties on Virginia key,
You got into a fight with a key rat,
Crandon was the beach to go to tan and not South Beach,
You went to laser light shows at museum of science but don't remember any of them ;P,
Your first concert was the Hollyweed Snortatorium and it was in the middle of nowhere,
You know all about flight 401 and the ghost stories,
You miss the smell of the everglades burning in the could smell it back then cause it still close to the coast,
Coral Castle was in the middle of wilderness on US1,
You really miss the original Taurus in the Grove,
You remember wheelie boy in the Grove who could bounce his BMX down the sidewalk on his back wheel only for as long as he wanted,
You recognized Gils Spot as the bar in Chuck Norris movie Invasion USA....and you knew never to go in there in real life,
You rollerskated the sidewalks in the falls while it was under construction,
You know who Bill Haust was,
Wagons West was a little known and uncrowded place to get breakfast,
Chicken Unlimited!,
Best selection for shoes was Kings Bay Athletics,
You saw Bob Griesie in his backyard while golfing Riviera CC,
You knew to order a malloy at Riviera CC,
Doral was in the middle of nowhere,
You have casually happened onto the set of Miami Vice filming and walked up and watched,
You learned to swim at Sheeler Winton,
Red Barrys basbeall camp,
Substantial Subs,
You rode your bike to J Byrons to buy a 45,
The orange barges that cleared the seaweed in the canals,
You played in the woods that is now coral reef park,
You remember the FBI/bank robber shootout on 82nd ave and 120th,
You went to the bed races every year,
You found yourself coming home on a different boat than you went out on for Columbus day regatta,
Daqueries at Sundaes,
Cocoplum didn't exist,
It bothered you that they mispelled Merrie Christmas Park,
All your Jewish friends belonged to Kings Bay country club,
All you could eat at the Rustic Inn,
Durty Nellys,
You tell anyone who wants fish while traveling to Miami to go to Captains Tavern,
The Bodega,
Creature feature on channel 6,
You recognize the newscasters in the scene in The Shining,