Thursday, March 29, 2007

A couple more

Black Angus on US1 and 104th. I still have a glass from there :)

Dime stores. None in particular, just dime stores in general...or "5 and dimes".

South Beach??? It was always just Miami Beach to me growing up!

I remember when they built the 878 fly-over that goes from the Don Shula to US1. I rode my bike on it. That extension separated my neighborhood from the one next door. There used to be a horse and a guinea hen farm at the end of my street. We'd walk down there all the time when I was little. Then they buit the 878. No more horse. No more guinea hens.

Do you remember the time before cable? Every house had an antenna on the roof (I still do!). The channels down here were 2 (pbs), 4 (cbs), 6 (wcix-local), 7 (nbc) and 10 (abc).
Every weekend on channel 6 they showed "Creature Features"...sometimes "Creature Feature-Double Feature"...old horror movies in B&W. I loved them!

The McDuffie Riots?

Skipper Chuck!!! (I was on it once) I watched him every morning on channel 6 while I ate my cereal before school. Peace, Love and Happiness!

Royal Castles? (There still is one on 27th Ave., close to downtown. It even looks like it still has the original paint job)

I tend to group my memories into "BA" or "AA"...Before Andrew or After Andrew. I wonder if anyone else does that? I see pictures I took of Old Cutler and say "Hey, that was Before Andrew. Look at the trees". Or others, "That was After Andrew. There aren't any trees."


Laura said...

I forgot about that big old Black Angus Bull.
I remember Krest 5&10, cause I worked there. And before there was a Winn Dixie, there was Food Fair!

Only one Publix that I knew of, it was in Coral Gables near Sunset Drive.

Skipper Chuck!!! holy smokes, I forgot about him.
Whatever happened to Ann Bishop? I remember Glenn Rinker, but I heard he retired up to NC (I think it was....).

After Andrew, hub climbed onto the roof of his mother's house on Eureka Drive. You could see clear to the bay because all the trees were gone. I never did understand why Burger King built their headquarters so close to the water anyway.

Laura said...

p.s. what did you do on the Skipper Chuck show?

Chris said...

Ann Bishop died. I *think* she was Janet Reno's girlfriend, but no really 100% sure about that. I always liked her.

On Skipper Chuck, I was just one of the screaming kids in the audience one day. I remember I wore this hideous purple and brown polyester pant suit (UGH!!!) and thought I was "the shit". Peace, Love and Happiness!

Anonymous said...

I remember the Black Angus on Bird & 87 Avenue - where the La Carreta is now. Across the street was the Grand Union and on the other side was a Royal Castle -now wachovia. Tropical Park was a horse track and the cow pastures on 87th avenue b/n bird and coral way

Anonymous said...

Thy had a Food Fair at Dadeland Mall. even after it became air conditioned...then it was replaced by some snooty shops and a restaurant called Le Crepe.

I was on Skipper Chuck and was crushed to see Scrubby behind the counter and voicing Limbo the Lion. I mean I KNEW it was a puppet, but actually seeing Scrubby made it too real.

I was also on Banjo Billy's Fun Boat. That was the rival show on channel 10.

I left after Andrew blew my job away (more or less) and haven't seen the huge changes in the last 20 years...maybe that is a good thing?

A friend of mine was buying properties and flipping them and making good money, when she told me she bought a duplex in Liberty City I was shocked....seems it was a good rental property investment at the time. I wouldn't have given anyone a nickel for property there...but so it goes I guess.

Ellen Kimball said...

I was the first co-host of "Popeye Playhouse" at WTVJ, Ch. 4. Hired by the producer, who said I looked like his former girlfriend, I was on the show from January 1957 to October 1958. They found me as a freshman at the University of Miami, where I took a survey class in TV-Radio-Film. Much of my story is on my blog. You may have to cut and paste this link:
Peace, love and happiness,
Ellen Kimball, Portland, Oregon

Anonymous said...

i used to be a customer of krest at ages 6-12 and new the owner of that food fair(adams)i rode my bike almost everyday.there was also arbys and royal castle in that the end of the strip i remember a seafood restaurant that had like a pirate as its poster.drug store as well that had an eatery where you could also get milkshakes,,fun times..i to was on skipper chuck before going to ludlam elementary after the show,it was on early in a.m.

Anonymous said...

My Dad worked for Food Fair which turned into Pantry Pride.
My first job at 16 yo was at Pantry Pride.

I remember the Miami Marine Stadium and the boat races.

I worked at the Grand Bay Hotel when it opened. Now it is gone.

I remember smelling the baking bread from the Holsum Bakery when the wind blew just right back in the 60's before we moved out closer to Sunset Drive. I believe that turned into big mall named the Bakery Center.

The orange colored Royal Castle I believe had 5 cent burgers and it was close to Flagami Little League Baseball fields on Coral Way. I played there for 7 years. I believe the fileds were near a cement mixing plant.

I went to many Dolphin football games and saw a few of the 1972 undefeated season games in the Orange Bowl. I remeber Rick Weaver on the radio for those games.